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Authorization Number: 0900000151

Collaborating Agency of the Public Employment Service of Catalonia in the framework of the actions prevail in order TSF / 310/2016, of November 17, for the qualification of the regulatory bases for the granting of subsidies for the performance of labor intermediation actions for the insertion in the field of work of the people in the university and the collaboration with the work agencies.

This is the subsidy program for the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.



We carry out labor intermediation activities that aim to:

Provide workers with an occupation appropriate to their characteristics.

Give an individualized and totally personalized service to your needs.

Provide companies with the most appropriate workers for their needs.

We are not an ETT, it is a person who signs the contract with the company, we take care of the free intermediation.

Job seekers
Work offers

Offers suitable for professional profiles

What do we offer to companies?

Selection of 5 to 8 qualified people

You will receive 5-8 people suitable for the job requested

Curriculum vitae

You will know the training and employment history of the person

Psycho-labor report

You will be aware of your personality traits related to the world of work


You will see how the person expresses himself and his attitude




This program is subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and financed by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

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